Gamers are less likely to cry out of happiness

Another statistic that I’ve found today, is that we, video gamers are much less likely to “cry out of happiness”. Even though, I did once (LOL).

It was on MU-Online game, there were some event made by the game admins and I won the 1st place and received a full-option set and sword. I became the number one character in that game because of this. Anyway, I think we’re a little bit off-topic now, so let’s get back to today’s fact.

I don’t think gamers are less sensitive or emotional than other people. Maybe this fact is because most gamers are guys, and guys (hopefully) are less likely to cry out of happiness. So that could be the reason. Still, I have to research this a bit more and bring a more accurate statistics for the next post.

I hope you like what I’m writing. If yes, please comment anything 🙂 I’d love to see your comments.

Have a good day game everyone!


Funny facts about gamers infographic

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I posted here, but I haven’t forgotten you. I see that this blog’s traffic is constantly growing, which means that us, gamers, like to know more facts about gamers (another fact, lol).

So, today, I will share with you guys (and girls, hopefully) an infographic that I’ve found which includes some funny facts about gamers. It was generated via weirdpoll, where they asked gamers some funny questions or weird ones, then generated these statistics based on their answers.

Here is the infographic, enjoy it and let me know if you have any question.

NOTE: You are free to use this infographic as long as you mention the source.
gamers infographic

Gamers are more likely to kiss a picture of someone

Well this one is adorable. I don’t know why.

We tend to be more creepy? I guess yes.

According to weirdpoll, I’ve found that gamers are 2x more likely to answer the question “Have you ever kissed the picture of someone?” with Yes.

I’ll take this as a good thing and say that we are more sensitive. Or, we are just creepy and lonely. In both cases, we’re awesome.

I have some more interesting facts about gamers that I will be publishing very soon, I’m working on it to provide it in a neat way. There will be some real surprises, stay tuned.

See you soon.

Gamers are more likely to be single

Another fact that I’ve found today from the weird polls website is that gamers are 26% more likely to be single than other people.

I’ll take this as a good thing because we don’t have time for chicks (or guys, in some cases). Anyway, if there’s a female gamer who’s single, I’d like to know about her 🙂 Female gamers are probably the best thing on earth.

See you tomorrow with another useless fact, peace out:)

Gamers are less likely to talk behind your back

Another facts that we’ve found via this would you rather website is that gamers tend to less talk behind people’s back.

Here’s a screenshot of the statistic we found:

would you rather

As you see above, 15% of the gamers Never talk behind people’s back. While only 9% of the non-gamers Never talk behind people’s back.

I’m not sure if this is because we gamers have less time or because we just don’t give a damn. But after all, we are better people lol.

I hope you liked this mini-fact for today, I will make sure to dig and find more interesting or funny (I hope) facts about gamers. Have a good day everyone!

Gamers are much more likely to marry bad girls

People who play video games are 5 times more likely to marry a stripper than people who don’t play video games.

According to this funny questions website, 27% of people who play video games said that they would marry a girl who works as a stripper. While only 5% of people who don’t play video games answered with yes.

According to this, we, gamers, are much more likely to marry bad girls. We love them.

Source picture: