Gamers are less likely to cry out of happiness

Another statistic that I’ve found today, is that we, video gamers are much less likely to “cry out of happiness”. Even though, I did once (LOL).

It was on MU-Online game, there were some event made by the game admins and I won the 1st place and received a full-option set and sword. I became the number one character in that game because of this. Anyway, I think we’re a little bit off-topic now, so let’s get back to today’s fact.

I don’t think gamers are less sensitive or emotional than other people. Maybe this fact is because most gamers are guys, and guys (hopefully) are less likely to cry out of happiness. So that could be the reason. Still, I have to research this a bit more and bring a more accurate statistics for the next post.

I hope you like what I’m writing. If yes, please comment anything 🙂 I’d love to see your comments.

Have a good day game everyone!